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Auxiliary Materials

Auxiliary materials for waterproofing are supplementary products used to enhance the effectiveness and application of primary waterproofing systems. These materials include primers, reinforcing fabrics, joint tapes, flashing, and drainage membranes. Primers prepare surfaces for better adhesion of waterproofing coatings, while reinforcing fabrics and joint tapes provide additional strength and flexibility to areas prone to movement or cracking.


Decon WB30 is a water based concrete release agent that aids in releasing concrete castings from varies type of molds and formwork i.e. melamine, metal, non-porous wood, rubber etc. It provides a clean, positive release, does not interfere with color or surface detail and helps minimize bug holes and air bubbles in finished castings.


Cure-X 1100 Water-based, wax-based concrete curing compound, when properly applied provides a premium-grade membrane that optimizes water retention. The white pigment reflects the sun’s rays to help keep the concrete surface cooler and prevent excessive heat buildup. Cure-X 1100 meets the moisture retention of ASTM C309-81 (type 2, class A) and BS 7542